Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Crafts and Car Booting

Remember those jam jars in my very first they are, all complete. I can put this little project to bed, and also the jam jars, as there won't be any use for them this year, unless we have a power failure.

I've also been busy car booting (like I do every Sunday) but was especially pleased with my little treasures this week as I've even started limiting my spend.  Childrens brand new cookery book = 50p.  I love childrens' cookery books.  The recipes are usually simple but cooked from scratch, also it includes a handy metric conversion guide.  I can now see how much is equivalent to a cup without looking on the internet everytime. 

I couldn't resist 'Seven O'Clock Tales' by Enid Blyton, also = 50p (more than what I normally pay for but while it was Enid I made an exception).  Perfect for those upcoming winter nights for Mini A to read.  I remember reading the same collection at her age. 

Also, my little preserving jar = 50p.  It was supposed to be a £1 but the stallholder said I could have it for 50p.  Little did I know, that it is actually a Le Parfait jar, which are going for a small fortune on Ebay.  Perfect for my raspberry jam from Approved Foods (another frugal shopping wonder recommended by my blogging friends).

Finally, I also picked up a brand new roll of wallpaper =50p.  The colours were perfect for my conservatory, but not to wallpaper...oh no...  At that price I had a much more inventive way to use it.  I don't know how many of you have those ugly plastic storage drawers but we have 2 sets just to accommodate Mini A's toys...and you have to admit they are ugly. After browsing Pinterest (another site I have become addicted to when it comes to upcycling).  I came across a Pin (sorry I cannot find the link) that came up with a solution to hide the junk and make them a bit more homely.

 A bit of wallpaper, PVA glue and some fiddly cutting, here is one set completed, Blue Peter eat your heart out. It is not perfect and when doing it you will spend ages trying to get the air bubbles out only for them to show up later on, but it does look a bit better than before. What do you think?


  1. I love picking up old Enid Blyton books at markets - we have a whole shelf of them here! True, we haven't actually read many of them, as they are written for little people, they are slightly boring these days ;). But it is lovely when you find ones that you enjoyed reading when you were a child, brings back so many memories...
    Sarah xo

  2. Good idea. I use wallpaper to line drawers also. Cheaper than buying little packets of drawer liners!

  3. Last week I sat in my daughter's kitchen, re-reading her Usborne Children's cookbook which I bought her about 25 years ago - and she STILL uses as some of the recipes in it are brilliant.
    Well done with the Le Parfait Jar- a real bargain. And I love the plastic drawer revamp!
    blessings xx

  4. Brilliant idea for the storage boxes!

  5. The drawers look a million times better lined with that wallpaper, well done.

    Sue xx