Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Frugal Halloween

I was determined this year not to spend any money on Halloween costumes for Mini A.  Too many times in the past have I searched Ebay and Amazon for good costumes only for the kids to wear them once.  They are then discarded to the back of the wardrobe never to be used again except for anybody who bought them from the charity shop I donated them to.

We never make a big deal of Halloween, something else that is far too commercialised, but Mini A's dance group are having a party and she wanted something different to go as.  Rather than the usual witch, vampire, skeleton...yawn.. we decided for a head in the jar.  I came across this idea on Pinterest and it does look really effective.

However, no matter how good the intention if you haven't got the materials it ain't gonna work, and since the party is on Friday that doesn't leave me much time to get everything.  Believe it or not plastic bags were needed, tons of them, and because I always use my 'bag for life' I didn't have any, or a man's trench coat, a large shirt of Hands On wasn't big enough and the jar kept getting steamed up.  After much thought and deliberation I decided, as brilliant as it looks, it is not going to be very practical for a party.  Time for plan b, if I knew what plan b was.  For weeks I had in my head what I was going to do but it was my own fault for leaving it 2 days before the party.  Time to rummage. 

I came across a faux fur very long pillow case.  I cut a head out and slipped it over Mini A's head.  Next I cut out 2 arm holes and cut it jagged at the bottom.  Yes, you've probably guessed...a cavewoman...not very imaginative I know but when time's not on your side you have to make do.

With the left over material I cut out 2 circles and cut a little hole in the middle of each.  This is for Mini A to put her feet through and the material will fall over her boots.  I used an animal print scarf for a belt and the last remnants of the faux fur to make a headband.  Getting into the spirit of making the costume, Mini A came up with the idea of having a bone necklace to finish it off.  I made the dough and let her get to work.

I know the costume isn't brilliant but we've had a fun night making it, which is what she will remember in years to come and that's something money can't buy!!

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  1. That head in a jar is a brilliant costume, took me a minute to figure it out!! But I guess totally impractical for a party.

    Love the cavewoman outfit and the time spent together makes it even better.

    Sue xx