Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Keeping An Eye On The Pennies

That's another £31.25 saved per month, might not seem a lot but it all adds up.  The grocery bill has been sliced almost in half, we all take packed lunches to work and school so I was trying to see where else we could save money.  I know exactly what direct debits are coming out of my bank so I decided to scrutinise Hands On current account.  He's brilliant with his hands but when it comes to organising monetry matters he's not the sharpest tool in the box.  With having a mortgage, we know we have to have life insurance, which was coming out of his bank, but there was another direct debit not accounted for.  After searching the documents folder I found we had 2 life insurance policies for exactly the same thing.  I forgot that in January he was sold another policy but forgot to cancel the existing one.  The new one was over £6 cheaper, but I could kick myself for failing to notice this as it is £312.50 that could have have been spent (or saved as the case is now) elsewhere.  

Wanting to get this sorted asap I phoned to cancel.  But not before checking http://www.saynoto0870.com/ .  This site is my new best friend as it has a huge database of companies that use these 0870, 0844, 0845 etc etc numbers and it tells you the geographical dialling code, and sometimes freephone numbers.  I definitely recommend trying it as it will save you quite a bit in telephone bills. It angers me that more and more companies are resorting to these numbers to squeeze even more money out of Joe Public.  By the way, always dial 141 before dialling the new geographical number.  Some firms have even resorted to not answering calls if they know you have dialled this.  Fight fire with fire is what I say.

Also, the home insurance was due for renewal this week.  After spending some time searching for alternatives I found one that was £34.72 cheaper than my original provider.  Furthermore, because my money management skills are becoming a lot sharper we have managed to pay the amount in full saving a further £11.22.  It might not be much but, as the saying goes, 'it's better in my pocket than in theirs'.

Finally, another money saving tip that has been working for me is not to throw all my loose change in a jar.  In the past it has always been too easy to pay for everything with a fresh clean note.  '£2.56 you say, here have a fiver.'  Now I rummage in my purse for the exact money.  Sure it takes a little longer at the checkout and you have to put up with some disgruntled customers behind you and the cashier gives you an impatient, exasperated look when you hand over a load of small change but so what, it's legal tender and my notes get to stay a little longer in my purse.


  1. Thanks for the tip about ringing 141 before ringing the freefone numbers. I've taken to using this site every time I have to phone the 08** numbers, but didn't realise some of them failed to answer!
    I still put all my loose change in a jar at the end of every day, then once a month I pay it into my savings account. The notes in my purse reducing more rapidly DOES makes me think about whether I REALLY need to buy something!

  2. I think I'm like you there I find if I hand over the exact money, or as close to it as possible I really do hang on to those notes for longer.

    It's amazing how far the pennies can go if you make an effort.

    Sue xx

  3. Every little helps, even if its only pennies.
    I often use the 'say no' site, such a good idea.