Monday, 12 November 2012

Blogging Mums!


Apologies for the following post but felt the need to have a rant about the below mentioned article. I was directed to this over the weekend and I'm annoyed at myself for allowing to be provoked by it and in a way creating more publicity for this narrow minded judgemental piece.

I don't blame you for clicking off now, but if you want a bit of provocative reading have a gander...

Free? You blogging mums may as well wear burkas

If you did take the time to read it could somebody please explain as I didn't fully understand where her argument was coming from.  It is a ranting from, what sounds like, a ballbreaking egomaniac that has a bee in her bonnet about blogging mums.  Why?  I'm not quite sure as there are that many bitter witterings that it's hard to see the point she is getting at. 

Is she getting worked up about the Mumsnet site? Mums who blog about motherhood? or the fact they get paid to do it?  Is it because they choose to stay at home and raise their children?  Or, the subject matter they choose to write about would not be of interest to anyone? Or is it because these blogging mums are not hammering on that glass ceiling in the hope it should smash and place them on a higher rung of the career ladder?  I don't know!!  All I know is that it is very contradictory as she is insulting women who are doing exactly the same job she is doing for a living - writing about life!

A couple of quotes, enjoy:

'Questions raised on Mumsnet site - and by god it's bitchy and competitive - range from 'Do you enjoy breastfeeding?' to 'What choosing an unusual pet says about you'.  Hmmm that sounds really bitchy and competitive.  If you are going to make a comment like that then at least back it up with an example that proves it. The only thing bitchy I can see is this column.

So what if women  'get PAID to sit at home' and write.  Surely we are advanced enough now in our society, as long as we are contributing, to be able to choose what we want without being judged.  Albeit, some do not get that choice and certain sacrifices are made, which is a factor not taken into consideration in her writing.  On the other hand, life, (seeing as we're making huge generalisations here) is about what makes us happy, is it not?    Not every woman is driven by money, so being able to spend time at home with her child is something she might prefer. 

As for writing about being a mother, they do so because they have an audience.  They have an audience because they are writing about something that interests other like-minded people.  What is so wrong in that?  Some of these blogs offer help and advice to people who are looking for it.

'I felt the hand of patriarchy on my back', Yes love, it's patting you on the back as you are promoting the subordination of women in this article with your ramblings of how they shouldn't be heard.

I'm off to bake some cupcakes in my tiny, safe, fragrant home. I'll leave you with the final comment, make of it what you will.

'They might just as well don a burka, and shuffle, so narrow is their vision.'  Oh the irony of the last part of the sentence made me laugh out loud.  :))

Bear with me, I promise to write a more positive piece next time xx


  1. I can think of no reason why this journalist would go to a mums blogfest, given her self written profile, oh wait she maybe did it for the money. Why a childless working woman thinks she has the right to criticize stay at home mums I have no idea. it is amazing how low some will stoop to pick up money.

  2. The problem is she writes for the Daily Wail -can't stand that rag.

    I might read that Mums website ;) and she is a figure of hate on there - surprised she got out of the blogfest thing alive.

    As to the whole Mummy blogger thing - don't get me started - I'd offend everyone! Whilst I am happy to do the odd review - I can't sell my sold and have advertising on my page nor kit my kids/house out entirely in freebies!! Though if Apple want Ipad testers I am sure we can oblige!!

  3. It was all SO negative. And whilst I do not want to have ads on my blog, it is up to my friends if they choose that route. And if it means they can afford to stay home with their kids by doing so then that is all to the good in my book.

  4. She is obviously paid to write unpleasant things about subjects that she has little idea about. Looking at the titles of some of her other posts I would say she is typical of many of the tabloid writers.

  5. Lol, I loved reading her page as it made me feel really nice, because I HAVE discovered that staying at home with my children,cooking from scratch, baking my own bread, cleaning the old fashion way and growing fruit, vegetables and flowers organically, has given me a life of so much pleasure. No longer do I crave a materialist world, that the write obviously lives in and I have time to do the things I enjoy, especially with my children.

    Yes, I did have a good career with a good salary before my children and I used to think I enjoyed it....which life would I choose now I know both sides?....It's a no life may not have lots of money now, but I'm richer than I've ever been, I feel I have the world now.

    So please don't be angry with the writer, just feel sorry for her as she hasn't discovered our secret of a more simple, wonderful life.

  6. Great post, one of the most entertaining out of all the ones I 've read on that woman. Shes really struck a chord with me though, I haven't slept since I've read it for fear my home isn't fragrant enough.

  7. I think she sounds jealous...just saying.

  8. You've been Tagged. Nip over to my Blog and see the rules and pick up your questions.

    You don't have to do it you don't want to, it's just a bit of fun that is travelling around Blog world at the moment.

    Sue xx