Thursday, 16 August 2012

I Blame Enid Blyton

I blame Enid Blyton for creating in my head a Utopian ideal of how life should be lived.  I also believe I am part of a generation of Enid Blyton readers who all share the same ideals.  I have friends on Facebook with whom I have not had contact with for over twenty years and are living their life how Enid would have wanted.  Self sufficient, living in the countryside, drinking lashings of Ginger Beer, helping Father dig up the potatoes before going up the Faraway Tree for an adventure with Moon-Face (and still chuckle at the names Dick and Fanny).  I take great delight in recycling everything possible, scouring car boot sales, blackberrying, and 'proper' home cooking. My elder children consider me slightly barmy and my husband smiles at me (the way one would at a small child) when I show him my latest homemade creation.  Yet, this is me and I want to share it with you -whoever will listen.


  1. I will listen.

    I too blame Enid Blyton for all the things you mention above. I also blame her for making me love her books so much I passed them all on to my eldest son when he was old enough to go off on adventures in the woods, and light campfires on other folks properties, unfortunately we lived in a small village at the time and everyone knew exactly who had left the little patches of burnt grass in the middle of their fields.

    I can't blame my son, so like you I will blame Enid Blyton. He's 31 now and has thankfully left his arsonistic tendencies far behind...although I am tempted to buy his children a complete set of this great authors works!!

    A brilliant name for a Blog I wish you lots of happy Blogging hours and I hope I will send Followers a plenty your way.

    Sue xx
    Our New Life in the Country

  2. Enid has a lot to answer to!! I'm also a fan of her books, my friend pointed out that it was probably why I always wanted a collie dog (I now share my home with the Gorgeous George, border collie!).
    Welcome to blogland!
    Sarah x

  3. I love your blogging name!

    And I will copme back and read more about your adventures ( hopefully with lashings of ginger beer)

  4. I've been redirectored from Sue's blog too. I used to take my son on picnics on the moors together with a little stove, kettle etc and a tin of beans. We didn't do sardine sandwiches as I don't eat fish but he enjoyed the escapades as much as I did. I still love ginger beer.

  5. Another redirected new friend, here.
    Your discription of yourself so much sounds like me.
    My other half also smiles at me the way yours does.
    I`ll be back to read some more of your blog.

  6. And another redirected follower and how I would love go to the Farway Land at the moment! I look forward to followong your adventures :)

  7. I love Enid Blyton books, I often wish I could live like they do. Everything seems so simple and happy! And I love reading the parts about their food, it always makes me so hungry. Now we do get to enjoy fresh, home baked bread, new laid eggs, etc...hopefully one day we will grow our own ham, which they always seem to be enjoying...
    Sarah xx