Thursday, 16 August 2012

Jam Jars

As mentioned earlier I love recycling.  My husband, who is a very hands on practical person, suggested buying some electrical garden lights.  My poor little heart nearly stopped in it's tracks.  ELECTRICAL.  Are you serious? We already have two teenage daughters that use enough electricity in a week than a small town in Ireland (and no amount of lecturing is going to make them change their ways-hair needs washing, drying and straightening everyday don't you know). If I had my way we would be all be using wind-up appliances to generatre energy- keep fit not fat!  So I decided to come up with my own creation.  These are only two of the lights I have created tonight.  The other three will follow shortly.  The only thing I have had to buy is the garden wire £1.48.  The rest of  the materials have come from teenage daughter number two nail varnish collection, mother-in-law jam jars, tea-lights -Halloween three years ago, and beads from old bracelets.  My husband smiled (the way he does when not wanting confrontation) and said 'Ooh, aren't you the creative one'.  I don't profess to be creative but when it comes to saving a bit of money and preserving the Earth for that little bit longer, then yes, I will rack my brains for whatever is necessary!


  1. They are lovely and sooooo much nicer than bog standard electric lights.

    Sue xx

  2. I remember making similar lights some years ago when the kids were small and wanted to help create for our garden. So much more satisfying then shop bought or electric lights!

  3. They look pretty. A friend of mine got some cans, filled them with water, froze them, then tapped out holes in the cans in nice shapes, then maybe painted them and put tea lights in.They look really pretty.

    1. That's a great idea. Not only do they make pretty garden lights but they are also a great resource to fall back on should we ever have a power cut.